The highlight scene in Pushpa Part-2 is the same .. Sukumar gave the clue

Icon star Allu Arjun received a blockbuster hit at the Pan Pan level with his movie ‘Pushpa The Rise’. Directed by Sukumar, the film broke many records and garnered huge collections. In particular, Allu Arjun’s ‘Taggedele’ in this movie has attracted movie and sports celebrities as well as celebrities. Cricket stars, on the other hand, are challenging their opponents like an iconic star by saying ‘Taggadele’ on the ground. Now the audience’s eyes are on the movie ‘Pushpa The Rule’.

With RRR and KGF 2 movies breaking Bollywood box office records, now there are huge expectations on Pushpa Part-2 at the Pan India level. Director Sukumar has already finalized the movie story and is ready for the action part. Part-1 shows how the leader of the floral syndicate, who is a cool red sandalwood coolie, has changed. He said that he plans to follow the pan-India trend for Part-2. Talk about spending a huge budget to design ‘Pushpa the Rule’ beyond the ‘Pushpa the Rise’ movie. It seems that the movie is being produced at a cost of Rs 400 crore.

Sukumar is planning to be on the level of Hero vs Villain War Next. In the past, Bahubali and recently KGF-2 movies were hit with the formula. Sukku is also looking to follow the same trend. Interesting game scene between Fahad Fazil and Allu Arjun, who acted in the character of Byramsingh Shekhawat, is the highlight of the movie. Shooting started in July .. Sukumar has prepared a schedule to complete by January. Movie makers say that Pushpa Raj will make a fuss in the theaters by getting everything ready by next summer.