The heroine who has changed beyond recognition .. but?

The chances are high that only the heroines who look beautiful in the field of cinema. Despite gaining weight and not looking pretty, it is not easy to be recognized in the film industry. Some heroines have undergone surgeries with the intention of looking more beautiful. The respective heroines have had their beauty enhanced through surgeries. However there are also cases where surgeries are sometimes distorted. Some heroines have faced criticism as well as missed film offers due to surgeries being distorted.

But now Disha Patani is facing severe criticism from netizens. While Disha Patani was attending the final movie special screening of Salman’s hero, netizens who noticed the difference in Disha’s look were trolling her. Some commented that he had undergone directional surgery for his nose and lips, while others commented that his beautiful face had been disfigured with surgery. It remains to be seen, however, whether the direction regarding these trolls will be responded to and explained.

Disha Patani, who made her entry in Tollywood with the film Loafer, did not get much of a chance as the film was a flop. However, in Bollywood, Disha Patani has achieved success and gained star status. It is learned that heroine Ayesha Takia has undergone surgery in the past. She wants her fans to clarify quickly about the direction surgery rumors.

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