That is why even if the test is done .. otherwise the subject is not known: Upasana

Mega cousin Upasana Konidela posted. In it he claims to have been infected with the corona. When tested last week .. Upasana said that the corona turned out to be positive. The post shared by Upasana to this extent is now going viral. Let’s see what Upasana says in it.

‘I’ve totally recovered .. I’m ready to fight again .. I have learned to listen to what my body is saying .. Last week I found out that Kovid is positive. Pre-vaccination showed only mild symptoms. With this the doctors advised me to use only paracetamol and vitamin tablets.

Many people have told me that this pandemic can cause problems such as boredom, hair loss and body pain. But none of those issues had an impact on me. Because I am mentally and physically strong. That’s why I didn’t have any problems.

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Will the virus boom again? That is not to say. But, we must be careful. I went to meet my grandparents in Chennai. So I did the Kovid‌ tests. I did so because I knew the corona had arrived. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Or else the original is not known. Thanks to Zeba Hassan for getting me back to work like this again. Special thanks to Dr. Subbareddy and Dr. Veeraprakash at Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad.