Thaman: Thaman shocking comments on that director!

Thaman is currently pursuing a career as a top music director in the Tollywood industry. With the exception of Prabhas, Thaman has worked for almost all Tollywood star hero movies. Thaman hopes that Prabhas will definitely get a chance to work for the film in the future. Thaman gave up the chance to work for Prabhas film a few years back due to some reasons.

Thaman is currently on the farm and is on a winning streak. Star heroes and star directors are keen to select Thaman as the music director for their films. Thaman background music is becoming a plus for movies. Thaman, however, said that although Prabhas had the opportunity to become a music director for the film Rebel, he was leaving the film.

Thaman said that he had turned down the offer of the film after Raghava Lawrence came up with an idea that he had walked out of the Rebel film and would do the music. Thaman said he could not say that Lawrence Valle had turned down the Rebel movie offer. Thaman said that the upcoming Akhanda movie in Balayya Boyapati combo will be on a different level. Thaman claims that Akhanda is not a regular commercial movie.

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