Taraka Ratna: We suffered discrimination after marriage.. Taraka Ratna’s wife’s emotional post

Taraka Ratna: We suffered discrimination after marriage.. Taraka Ratna’s wife’s emotional post
Nandamuri Taraka Ratna, who gained recognition as a good actor in the Telugu industry, died at a young age. On January 27, he collapsed due to a heart attack while taking part in a TDP led march. Despite being given better medical treatment for 23 days in a private hospital in Bangalore, his condition worsened and he breathed his last on February 18. A month has passed since the death of Tarakaratna.. Alekhya Reddy’s wife Alekhya Reddy has shared an emotional post on Instagram thinking of him. In this she mainly remembers the hardships they faced after marriage.

‘Though it has been a month since you left us, your memories are very strong in my mind. We met and became best friends within a few days. I wasn’t sure about our relationship then. But you are confident to start a new chapter in our life. After taking that decision, you faced many challenges. Finally we got married, there was confusion and discrimination. But we survived. We are happy because of you.. After Nishkamma our happiness doubled, but the pain remained the same. We tolerated hatred with our eyes closed’, she continued.

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‘In 2019 we got a big surprise in the form of twins. I still remember, you always wanted a big family. You lost your family and gave us a beautiful family.. All these years, all the struggles you went through till the end were real.. No one could understand the pain you were carrying in your heart. Because being hurt by one’s own people can sometimes be mentally debilitating. I couldn’t help the pain you went through.. It was the people who stood by us from the beginning till the end. But you are far away. We couldn’t even find you on your grave. As a family, we are proud to have traveled with you even for this short period of time’ added Alekhya Reddy with hashtags #tarakratna #balayya #balayyababu #nishkahope #vijaysaireddy #nbk #jaibalayya #vsr.

And the netizens who saw Alekhya Reddy’s post are telling her courage. It is suggested to take care of Tarakaratna Gari in children and lead a strong life. Meanwhile, it is known that Tarakaratna was supported by Baba Balayya from the beginning.

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