tammareddy on pawan kalyan: Pawan Kalyan: Pawan has hit Sai Dharam Tej on the future .. he is a loss to the industry: Tammareddy Sensational Comments – tammareddy bharadwaja condemned pawan kalyan’s comments at republic pre release event

Senior director and producer Tammareddy Bhardwaj said that the film flopped due to the comments made by Pawan Kalyan at the ‘Republic’ film event. If the party chief wants to criticize the government .. Janasena can sit in the party office and swear, but swearing at film functions .. Tammareddy said that the film and the industry have suffered.

In an interview to a popular YouTube channel, he said, “The ticket issue is not a new issue. It has been a problem in the industry for many years. There have been cases going to the courts. Jivo No.35 is similar. If there is an ulcer, medicine should be given but if it is cut, it will be like this. This is a very simple issue .. how to solve it .. how to properly negotiate with the government leaving it .. made the issue bigger. He spoke in various ways.

You can be any party .. Government ‌ Government .. We like it or not .. The film industry wants everyone. If the party keeps feeling inside and slaps the government, it will cause damage to the industry. Millions live on the industry. You do not like the government .. If you slap as you like .. They will slap you more. They swore and swam the industry.

Pawan Kalyan, Nani and Siddharth all spoke as if they were children. What was Sai Dharam Tej talking about at the ‘Republic’ movie event on the Pawan Kalyan ticket issue? The industry is not benefiting from what he is saying there .. Republic cinema has suffered a loss by my reckoning. Republic movie is a movie that everyone should watch .. Is it a loss to go to that movie function and slap the ruling YCP party .. YCP is in power .. Total 53 per cent votes went to that party .. 10 per cent of them are a serious loss to the movie even if they stop watching the movie.

How bad is the result of Republic movie .. Sai Dharam Tej movie had huge openings. But the openings for the Republic movie were missed. The movie ‘Republic’ is gone due to Pawan Kalyan speaking. Unnecessarily killed a good movie.

Sit in the Janasena party office and swear anything .. no matter what .. but if you come to a movie function and slap VCP, the boy’s future is ruined. Pawan Kalyan does not have to do that. His intention may be good .. I will not even mention that those words are wrong and correct .. but it is not the context to speak. He is the President of the Janasena Party .. It is not even correct to say that it speaks. Speaking in that place, the film ‘Republic’ has suffered a loss. The industry has also suffered a lot, ‘said Tammareddy Bhardwaj.

You can see what Pawan Kalyan said at this ‘Republic’ movie event at the following link.

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