Surya: ‘Jai Bhim’ controversy .. who changed his name and made a mistake!

‘Jai Bheem’ movie brought a good name to Surya. The film is based on a real life incident in the nineties. Surya appears in the role of the moon. Surya also acted in the film and also acted as the producer. However there are some rounds in the case of this film. There is a scene where the caste called ‘Vanniyar’ is humiliated .. Those castes dragged Surya into the controversy. Many have expressed support for Surya in this regard.

Surya argues that there is nothing wrong with this. On top of that Surya got more support for him as he took the scene from the movie. Although Surya is not at fault in this matter .. he is not immune to criticism in another matter. Most of the real life characters in Tamil are named in the film in connection with the Lockup Death case. Surya plays a lawyer named Chandra. His name is also the same in the movie.

Raja Kannu as the lockup death victim and Sengini as his wife are also named in the film. But the Surya team changed the name of the person who caused the lockup death by being cruel to Raja Kannu and two others. The original person was a Christian named Anthony Swamy .. but the name of the Hindu in the movie. Hindu supporters are incensed by this. Surya was also silent on the matter.

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