Super response to action thriller Ram Asur movie

Ram Asur is a movie that has recently come to the forefront of the audience and impressed the audience a lot. Starring Abhinav Sardhar and Ram Karthik in the lead roles, Venkatesh Triparna provided the story, screenplay, dialogues and direction for the film. It also receives critical acclaim. While Abhinav Sardar’s performance is the highlight of the film, Venkatesh Triparna’s direction helped make the film such a big hit. The film manages to entertain as well as inform with its novelty in storytelling and excellent talent in directing. The film unit set up Success Meet in the wake of the film’s huge success. The film crew attended the event.

Co-producer RK said .. Thank you to the audience for making this film such a big success. We are now in good success Josh. The shooting took place in a very short time. We shot very bravely during the corona and now we have achieved this success. Special thanks to everyone who supported us.

Heroine Sherry Agarwal said. Director Venkatesh is the reason why this film came out so well. The film opens with a good story. The film is a mix of love and action. Both of the heroes also acted very well. Special thanks to those who gave me the opportunity to star in such a good movie.

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