Sunil Shetty’s father was a cleaner, the emotional actor said Struggle – No shame in what he did

Actor Suniel Shetty recently arrived as a guest judge on the dance reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer 2’. Also there was actress Karisma Kapoor. In the show, Suniel Shetty and Karishma enjoyed the dance performance of the contestants and also narrated stories related to themselves. Suniel Shetty also talked about the struggle of his life. He became emotional while narrating his father’s struggle and his story. Suniel Shetty told that his father Veerappa Shetty was a cleaner and used to do cleaning work. He came to Mumbai only at the age of 9. Suniel Shetty said that whenever someone asks him who is his hero, he takes his father’s name. Sunil said that he is proud of his father and the incredible life he lived, makes him even more proud.

Suniel Shetty said – no shame in whatever he did
Suniel Shetty further said that his father was a sweeper but he never felt embarrassed about his work and the same thing was taught to him by his father. Suniel Shetty said, ‘Whatever he did for a living, he was never ashamed of him. Surprisingly, in the buildings where he worked as a sweeper, he became the manager one day and then the owner of all the buildings. He was such a person. He always taught me that whatever work you do, be proud of it and do it with all your heart.

Where he worked, later became the owner of the same buildings
It is the result of his father’s teachings that Sunil Shetty also followed in his footsteps and opened many restaurants which are doing well. According to the information, he also has a luxurious villa in Khandala, which has many facilities like swimming pool, 5 bedrooms, private garden. At the same time, his wife Mana Shetty is also a businesswoman and runs her own boutique.

Veerappa used to go to see his son on the sets
Karisma Kapoor told that she had met Suniel Shetty’s father years ago when she and Sunil were working together. Then Suniel Shetty’s father used to come on the sets and he was very proud of his son’s work.

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