Sukumar: Sukumar’s real guruji.. Nettinta etc. talk.. but another director who doesn’t want to!!

Sukumar: Sukumar’s real guruji.. Nettinta etc. talk.. but another director who doesn’t want to!!
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Sukumar, who made his debut in Tollywood as a director with Allu Arjun’s ‘Arya’, became a star director in a short time. In fact, even his flop films like ‘Jagadam, One Nenokkadine’ have separate fans. The whole country came to know about the talent of Sukumar, who seemed to be a master story teller regardless of hits and flops, with the movie ‘Pushpa’. Sukku, who is currently making films with star heroes, is also anchoring his disciples. In this order, they are also getting the opportunity to direct big budget films. With this, the discussion of calling Sukumar as Real Guruji started. But this was denied by another Tollywood director Sai Rajesh.

In the matter.. ‘Dasara’ and ‘Virupaksha’ films, which are currently ready for release, were directed by Sukumar Sisyule. Both these are big budget films. Moreover, we see hero Nani giving a range of hype about Dussehra director Srikanth Odela. ‘Virupaksha’ directed by Karthik Varma Dandu is also a big project. Also, Buchi Babu, who came from Sukumar’s school, scored a hit with ‘Uppena’ and is currently going to do a film with Ram Charan. As all his disciples are becoming successful, the discussion Sukumar Real Guruji is going viral.

But director Sai Rajesh disagreed on this statement. Sai Rajesh, who has directed films like ‘Hrudayam Kejal, Kokonjamatta’, has shared his personal opinion on this matter. If you work with a good director, you can learn some tips and techniques. But becoming a successful, creative director has always depended on individual talent. If you watch as many movies as you can and observe the technique behind them, that’s the real Guruji’, he tweeted.

Sai Rajesh tweet

However, the majority of netizens support Sai Rajesh’s opinion and show proofs. Sukumar’s disciple Surya Pratap Kumar, who made a hit film like Kumari 21F, is reminded that he made a flop like 18 Pages. That is why it is believed that if talent is 90 percent, luck should also be 10 percent. Also reminding that Rajamouli’s disciples have also made disaster movies, he says that success is only possible due to individual learning and implementation of new ideas, and Guruji’s role is nothing.

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