SS Rajamouli Condolence: The pen of the fallen Sirivennela .. In those circumstances where the house rent cannot be paid! Rajamouli Emotional Message – ss rajamouli condolence on lyric writer sirivennela sitaramasastri death


  • Sirivennela died of an illness
  • Tribute to Rajamouli
  • The message is reminiscent of those days

Lyric giant who is famous in the world of Tollywood as an amazing songwriter Sirivennela Sitarama Sastri It is known that the blind man was ill. He succumbed to his injuries at Kims Hospital in Secunderabad at 4:47 pm on Tuesday. Tragedy filled the entire cine world when it was known that the pen of Sirivenne had fallen to the ground. Many film and political personalities are shocked to recall his association with him. The latest directorial hero Rajamouli Emotional message posted.

Rajamouli reacted as a social media platform and left an emotional message with him, reminiscing about his early career. “All the money we made in 1996 with the film Arthangi, the name is gone. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Sitarama Shastri’s words that gave me courage in such situations and led me backwards and forwards, ‘Never admit defeat .. Never give up patience’ .. When I was scared, I would have the courage to remember and sing.

By then I had very little contact with Shastri. I went to his house in Madras at 10 pm on December 31st. ‘What do you want, Nandi?’ I put a new notebook in his hand and asked him to write the song with your hand. Written .. Signed and given. I gave it as a gift to our father on January 1st. I will never forget the joy in my father Gary’s eyes and the newfound confidence in his words.

He likes the song ‘Ammayina Nannayina Lekunte Evaraina’ in Simhadri and the song ‘Parugulu Thiy’ in Maryada Ramanna. Amma Nanna cursed how happy she would be if she was not there, but how great it is to run away but how can we write Nandi, and again he started saying ‘I Like These Challenges’. Each line was memorized and the meaning was elaborated again and again as he met, enjoying his style all over the room, slapping his back if he was next door.
Ikaleru means .. how ..? Singer Sunita Emotional Comments on Sirivennela’s Death
We tried hard to get him to sign the lyric paper for the Dosti music video on RRR. But already health could not co-operate. Tribute to the art of Sitarama Shastri who directed the course of my life .. Rajamouli ” he said.

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