Sri Reddy: If Kodali Nani is the Home Minister… He will pick up trigamists and weeds… Please Jagananna, says Sri Reddy.

Movie actress Sri Reddy.. Everyone knows how big a fan of YSRCP party. Sri Reddy’s mouth rises above CM Jagan..but on the leaders of that party.. Sri Reddy, who is loyal to the YCP party, often puts on Facebook Lives and bashes the leaders of the opposition party. Word after word…Sri Reddy bursts out. But currently Sri Reddy does not have any positions in the YCP party but Sri Reddy is the one who speaks more than the spoke persons of that party.

But recently she brought an interesting topic to the screen. Gudivada MLA.. YCP mass leader Kodali Nani Srireddy left a video on Facebook expressing his desire to become Home Minister.

If there are changes and additions in the expansion of the ministry in AP.. If Kodali Nani is given the post of home minister, it will be easy to face the green batch. Kodali Nani is a man with guts.. If he is given Home Minister, he will face his opponents fiercely. Chandrababu, who is doing politics by blocking Amaravati, will give the right answer to the CBN batch who are writing crazy articles. Also, those who have four or five marriages and are walking around in Z category.. telling lies.. barking madly about castes, if they all want to come to their senses.. surely Kodali Nani, many people like me want to become home minister. It is to be seen if he is the Home Minister. Many people like me want him to become Home Minister. If Kodali Nani is the Home Minister… it will be favorable for YCP in the upcoming elections. If he is the home minister, he will plant weeds.

Also Sri Reddy made a request to CM Jagan as a YCP fan. ‘Anna Jagan.. I have come to the endowment minister on a task. Till now he has not responded.. It is difficult for people like us to do things.. If this comes to your attention, please do our work.. Saying Jai YCP. Jai Jagan, Sri Reddy yelled Jai.

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