Sneha: Shocking: Heroine Sneha police case .. Complaint that they are threatening – sneha filed a police case at chennai police station

Very close to the family audience with his performance Friendship People are shocked to know that the police station has been upstairs recently. Sneha turned to the police as if she had been cheated. It is learned that she had lodged a complaint against two businessmen at the Kanathur police station in Chennai. The two, who run an export company, allegedly cheated on her.

Sneha has also been investing money in this company for many days. However, Sneha has not given any returns for the money paid so far. So far, Sneha has given them Rs 26 lakh and not a single rupee has been paid to her in the form of returns. Sneha told police that he was making threats for asking him to pay interest on it. Sneha is reported to have asked the police to investigate his complaint and take immediate action against them.
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Sneha, who was once a star heroine in Telugu and Tamil, has since married her long time friend, actor Prasanna and is making achituchi films. She last played the role of Vadina in ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ starring Ram Charan. Continuing the hunt for strong characters she is ready to act if good offers come.

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