SJ Surya burst out laughing as the little girl called Sammy Sammy

Everyone knows what Pushpa Mania is like. Pushpa songs and dialogues came around the world. It doesn’t matter what country it is.. it doesn’t matter what language it is.. Pushpa songs and mannerisms are there for everyone. Flower songs are also hummed by small children. There are people who eat rice only if they sing those songs. The magic done by Bunny as Pushpa Raj is still running somewhere.

Recently a video has gone viral on the net. A little girl in school said Sammy Sammy and took steps like Rashmika. This video came back to SJ Surya. After seeing that video, he burst out laughing after seeing the steps taken by the child in it. He praised that it was very cute. Allu Arjun sir.. tagged them as Rashmika and shared smiling emojis.

But Rashmika was shocked to see this video. Rashmika says that I have had enough for today.. as if my stomach is full. I want to meet this girl. how Rashmika shared her happiness.

All in all, the buzz made by Bunny Rashmika is still going on like this. And Pushpa Part 1 became a hit in this range. It is known that everyone is waiting for the second part. Pooja programs have already been completed. It is not clear when the shooting of this film will take place. There are high chances of the film hitting the screens in 2023. It is known that music sittings were also done with Already Devi Sri Prasad and the tunes for the three songs were also okay.

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