Sivasankar Master: Poisonous Shiva Shankar Master Health .. What?

It is known that Shiva Shankar Master is one of the famous Tollywood choreographers. Shiva Shankar has worked as a master choreographer in more than ten languages. Shiva Shankar has also worked as a master judge for several dance shows. Shiva Shankar Master has earned a good reputation as the choreographer of the Dheeradheera song in the movie Magadheera. Shiva Shankar Master has been diagnosed with Corona and is currently undergoing treatment at a leading hospital in Hyderabad.

Currently Shiva Shankar Master is reported to be in critical condition. Apart from Shiva Shankar Master’s son, his family members are also said to have been affected by the corona. It seems that his family members are having trouble paying that amount as Shiva Shankar Master Corona is spending a lot of money on treatment. Shiva Shankar Master’s family members hope to get financial help from the industry.

His fans want Shiva Shankar Master to recover quickly. Fans are getting tense as a number of movie celebrities have been suffering from corona in recent times. Although the corona vaccine became available, the corona virus did not completely decline. Shiva Shankar Master’s son Ajay Krishna hopes that cine celebrities will support their family in difficult times.

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