Sivasankar Master: Leading choreographer Shiva Shankar Master is no more!

Shiva Shankar Master, one of the leading choreographers of Tollywood, has been diagnosed with corona and his family members revealed that his health condition is critical three days ago. While Dhanush and Chiranjeevi provided financial assistance to Shiva Shankar Master for corona treatment, Sonu Sood also revealed that he will be assisting Shiva Shankar Master as a social media platform.

However, Shiva Shankar Master died as he could not recover from the treatment. It seems that the doctors could not save the master as 75 per cent of the lungs were infected. Shiva Shankar Master’s eldest son is reportedly unconscious due to corona infection. News of Shiva Shankar Master’s death has plunged his fans into mourning. Tragedy struck the industry with the death of Shiva Shankar Master.

No matter how much care is taken, many lives are lost due to the corona epidemic. Shiva Shankar has worked as a master choreographer for hundreds of films in more than ten languages. Shivshankar Master has received many awards for his talent as a choreographer. Shiva Shankar Master, who started his career as an assistant in 1975, has acted in tens of films. As a social media platform, movie celebrities are mourning the death of Shiva Shankar Master.

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