Sita Ramam: People’s taste has changed.. Industry’s fate has to change.. ‘Color Photo’ producer’s tweet goes viral

Tollywood had a good Friday together. Both the released films Bimbisara and Sita Ramam became blockbuster hits. One is a class movie and the other is a mass movie. After many days like this, a Friday passed so positively. Many celebrities are celebrating with this. It is understood that this weekend’s box office will be booming.

But everyone says that people are not coming to theatres. That is a lie, films like Vikram and Major have proved that if there are good films, people will definitely come to the theatres. And now Bimbisara and Sitaram’s turn has come. These two films are moving people.

Sai Rajesh, the producer of Color Photo, reacted a bit harshly on this matter. It is known that the film Color Photo recently won the National Award for the best Telugu film. Sai Rajesh also shares his joy as a color photo producer. But now he has reacted on the success of Bimbisara and Sitaram. He made gentle satires on the industry.

Counters were placed on shootings. What is in his tweet.. ‘Shooting stopped because people are not coming.. Two hits on the same day.. People’s taste has changed.. The fate of the industry has to change.. If you don’t understand it, it’s a waste’.

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