Siri, Shanmukh: Siri kisses Shanmukh .. her boyfriend shocking comments ..!

Hugs and kisses have become commonplace on the ‘Bigg Boss’ show. Bigg Boss managers also design episodes highlighting these. If so the audience will be interested to see the TRP increase… Hot Star again and again. Well, all the beautiful girls were eliminated from the contestants who entered the 5th season. I think Siri only looks to Bigg Boss as a contestant who can share good glamor.

Her kisses and ropes with Shanmukh become a hot topic in O Range. Both of them are also in an outside relationship. Shanmukh is in a relationship with former Bigg Boss contestant Deepti Sunaina. And Siri .. is in a relationship with Shrihan. Siri’s mother also gave a stroke to Shanmukh.

Recently, Shrihan responded to the issue as well as the affair between Siri and Shanmukh through his insta. ‘ In fact, the atmosphere in which they live is like that. I did not even think Aunty would say that. Please do not be angry with her నేను I apologize on her behalf. I respect the friendship between them (Siri, Shanmukh). ‘

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