Singer Harini Family: Singer Harini Family Disappears .. Father Dead Body on Railwaytrack .. What are the reasons behind this mystery? – singer harini father ak rao suspicious death at bengaluru


  • Singer Harini family disappears
  • Her father’s dead body on the railway track
  • Ongoing police investigation

The family of popular playback singer Harini has disappeared. The family, who live in Srinagar Colony in Hyderabad, had not been seen for days last week. Relatives were concerned that their cell phones were also getting switched off. Meanwhile Harini’s father Why not Everyone was shocked to see the dead body on the railway track in Bangalore. Bangalore police, who examined Ake Rao’s dead body, came to a conclusion two days ago that he was dead.

But did he commit suicide? Or whether someone was killed and dropped on the rails by the police in-depth investigation. Eke Rawudi was initially thought to have committed suicide by the police. After seeing the serious injuries on the dead body, a case was registered as a suspicious death and an investigation is underway as to whether anyone was beaten to death.

The mysterious death of Ake Rao, the CEO of the Sujana Foundation, has raised many suspicions. If this is murder .. who needs to kill him? Is it due to financial transactions? Or any other angle? Negotiations are underway in the sense that. Why did the original Harini family move from Hyderabad to Bangalore? Why is it necessary to remain anonymous for days a week? Has become a hot topic among the masses. Where are the other family members with Singer Harini now? The details are not known.
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