Shobhana, the old heroine who went to Kedarnath and got stuck in the fog.. Video share

The old heroine Shobana (Actress Shobana) went to Kedarnath and got stuck in the snow. Shobhana, who has acted with almost all the senior heroes of Tollywood, has done more films with Mohan Babu. However.. Sobhana, who has stayed away from movies, is giving classes to children in Bharatanatyam. She recently went to the Kedarnath temple in Uttarakhand and was trapped there due to snow and ice.

Much of Kedarnath is now covered with snow. Road travel is difficult. In this background.. Devotees are transported by helicopter. But.. due to the increase in the intensity of the snow.. a situation arose that even the helicopter could not go to Kedarnath. Shobhana said the same thing through the video.

Shobhana revealed that the situation in Kedarnath is very difficult at present.. Due to the snow, the arrival of the helicopter is also delayed. Sobhana said that she also got a cold from the snow. At the end, she laughed saying that she sounded like a news reporter. Shobhana says she will give updates from time to time. Recently all her social media posts are related to Bharata Natya. She was a classical dancer since childhood. She danced in many movies.

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