Shiva Shankar Master: Such is the horoscope of Shiva Shankar Master! Everyone in the house is the same damn .. Interesting facts about his journey – interesting facts of choreographer shiva shankar master life journey

Leading choreographer and dance master Shiva Shankar Master (72) is reported missing. He was treated at the Gatchibauli AIG Hospital in Hyderabad for the past few days due to a corona infection. He breathed his last on Sunday night. With this, tragedies befell the entire cine world. Many film personalities are shocked to learn that Shiva Shankar Master is no more and claim that his death is a fatal blow to the film world.

And how did Shiva Shankar become a dance master? How many awards has he received? What is his perseverance? Considering things like that his journey seems to be very inspiring. Having developed a passion for dance from an early age, he has reached his target despite many difficulties. At that time there was an organization called ‘Sabha’ which organized cultural events. As Shiva Shankar’s father was a member of it, he would send a driver to see the plays and dances and send Shiva Shankar. Seeing them, Shiva Shankar became interested in them and persevered to dance anyway. With that, he learned to dance on his own and by the time he was 16 he wanted to go along with the troupe and dance.

However, one day his father found out that he was dancing and everyone in the house scolded him for doing this without studying. After doing so, he asked Shiva Shankar, ‘What will I do next?’ He said, ‘I will learn dance.’ After that if Shiva Shankar shows the master horoscope to the great scholars, he will become a ‘dancer’. Leave it ‘.
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After that he learned dance from a dancer named Nataraja Shakuntala in Madras .. What kind of gestures do women make? How should men pronounce them? Achieve mastery over many things like. Shiva Shankar Master who started his career like that .. composed dance for hundreds of films and created a mark of his own in the industry. He also received the award for Best National Choreographer for his song Dheera Dheera in the film Magadheera. Has worked as a choreographer for over 800 films in 10 languages Shiva Shankar is the master Steps were laid with three generations of protagonists. The actor was impressed.

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