Shilpa Chowdary: Tokara for movie celebrities .. Women arrested!

The case of businessman Shilpa Chaudhary, who allegedly defrauded hundreds of crores of rupees of high interest rates, has come to light. Shilpa has been accused of cheating on celebrities as well as celebrities in the city. Nearly one hundred to two hundred crores have been accused of fraud. Nursing police arrested Shilpa and her husband on Saturday morning.

Shilpa’s victims also include three heroes from Tollywood. Page 3 Information that Shilpa has fraudulently collected money by attracting celebrities with parties. Celebrities and movie celebrities are queuing up at the police station to say that they have been deceived by this. The police found that Shilpa had collected hundreds of crores by saying the names of celebrities in the parties and giving more interest.

It seems that the police have registered a case against Shilpa and her husband on the complaint of the victims and are currently investigating them. It is learned that among Shilpa’s cheaters, there are many businessmen and lawyers along with Tollywood heroes.

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