Sarath Babu has seven brothers and five sisters.. This is the story of immigration ‘Susheela Sadan’!

Sarath Babu has seven brothers and five sisters.. This is the story of immigration ‘Susheela Sadan’!
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Senior actor and immigrant handsome Sarath Babu is no more. He was admitted to the AIG Hospital in Hyderabad due to illness a month ago. He breathed his last on Monday afternoon while undergoing treatment. With the death of Sarath Babu, the Telugu and Tamil film industries have cast a shadow of sadness. Sarath Babu’s last rites will be held in Chennai tomorrow.

On the other hand, Sarath Babu’s family members and friends who are in exile in his native Srikakulam district are unable to digest the death. It is recalled that Sarath Babu was a very good person, he used to have fun with everyone when he came to Amadala, and he used to greet everyone warmly. However, everyone will be surprised to see Sarath Babu’s Sontillu ‘Susheela Sadan’. Why does such a great actor’s house end up like this?

Sarath Babu’s house in immigration

71-year-old Sarath Babu’s original name is Satyanarayana Dixit. Also known as Satyambabu Dixitulu. Shatar Babu’s parents Vijay Shankar Dixit and Sushila migrated from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh as immigrants. Initially a railway canteen was run there. After that, they put a hotel in Amdalavalasa. Sarath Babu was born on July 31, 1951 in Amdalavalas. Sarath Babu has a very big family. He has seven brothers and five sisters. Sarath Babu built a house in Amdalavalasa called ‘Susheela Sadan’ after his mother Sushila. That house is still there. If not well aged. Sarath Babu also built a house in Chennai with the name ‘Susheela Sadan’, his friends said.

Sarath Babu’s brothers and sisters and their families are staying in the house where they are in immigration. However, they all left for Chennai for Sarath Babu’s last rites. Otherwise, his second and youngest brother remained in exile. Little Vadina also stayed with him as the younger brother was not in good mental health. Reacting to the death of Sarath Babu, she said that her family is in dire need. He said that he was treated like a mother rather than a mother. She revealed that her brother’s place is Samarlakota. Sarath Babu used to stay at Samarlakota while going to Madras from Amdalavalasa and spent a lot of fun with his family.

Sarath Babu Brother

Sarath Babu’s younger brother

She said that the last time Sarath Babu came as an immigrant was three years ago. Sarath Babu said that he had come for the inauguration ceremony of Ayyappa Swamy temple in the village. He said that Sarath Babu studied B.Sc.. He was always first in studies. He said that even though there are eight brothers, they are very close together. Sarath Babu used to take care of the wives and children of the brothers very affectionately.

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