Sangeetha: Even though she participated in the shooting for two days, she was removed from the film: Senior actress Sangeetha

The movie team of ‘Masooda’ participated in the show ‘Alitho Saradaga’. Kavya, who was previously a child artist, is being introduced as a heroine through this film. Senior actress Sangeetha is playing a pivotal role in this movie. Thiruveer is acting as a hero in the movie Masuda, which is made in the backdrop of a horror drama. These three joked with Ali. Organizers have released a promo related to this.

Kavya said that this film is her first film as a heroine. She said that such a horror drama has not come in our Telugu recently. She said that she has completed 12 films as a child artiste. Is playing a mother in Sarileru Neekevvaru movie a plus..? Is it minus..? When he asked Sangeeta, he said that he has two.

“While in a hotel, Anil came and told me the next day’s scene. But whenever I see Anil, I will scold him and say, ‘Hey, you did this, come on me..”’ Sangeeta said. Ali asked Kavya that she heard that you got the chance of Pellisandadi-2 first.. ‘I went first and met Raghavendra. I told Guruji that I want to do acting again…’ she said. Kavya says that when she was a child artist, Allu Arjun asked her to be a heroine next to her.. But by the time she becomes a heroine, you will become stereotypes. It is known that he has impressed as a child artist in films like Balu, Gangotri, Vijayendra Varma, and Agudi Ramadu.

‘Is there any film that made you think, ‘Opportunities that have come to you.. Oh why did I give up on this..?’ Ali asked Sangeeta. He said that he went and participated in the shooting for two days, but after that he was removed from the film. Here the organizers cut the promo.

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