Sameera Reddy: I ​​like my body.. I look good in front of the camera.. Sameera Reddy’s post is viral

Sameera Reddy is well remembered by the Telugu audience. Because her movies were disasters in that range. It gave unforgettable flops in the career of heroes like NTR and Chiranjeevi. At that time Sameera Reddy was called Iron Leg. A negative image was formed as every film she starred in was flopping. Her films like Jai Chiranjeevi, Ashok, Narasimhudu did not make much of an impact at the box office.

Sameera Reddy is an image that comes to mind for the Telugu audience. But now Sameera Reddy is making a lot of noise on the net. Everyone knows how much she has changed now. Sharing photos of her vacations with her husband and kids, playing with the kids on the beach, and being seen in a bikini became a hot topic at once.

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After that, she responded to body shaming comments and made comments on Metoo, which made her more in the news. And now Sameera Reddy has done a photo shoot again. As part of this.. ‘I like my body.. I love my body.. I wasted so much time thinking about what other people think of me.. I am good in front of the camera now.. I am comfortable.. I don’t need to think about others. It took many days to realize that there are no changes in the body.. But we should try to be healthy and happy.. Don’t stress your body too much.. Think positive with what you have.. Don’t think about the expectations of other people on you,’ said Sameera Reddy.

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