Samantha who believes that society is more of a lie than a truth .. Target someone!

Samantha, one of the star heroines of Tollywood, is now busy with a series of movies. Pan India has also given the green signal to make an international movie while making films on the one hand. Goes on excursions and trekking with his friends. Yama is also active on Kadandoy social media. This Chennai beauty shares some quotations to put her feelings out there in her mind.

In some cases, the comments shared on Samantha’s social media account also brought the impression that she was targeting someone on netizens. Another recent comment posted by Samantha is an example of this. Do you know what Samantha Samantha said in the comment? ” The facts rarely come out. But society largely believes in lies. Such lies are more likely to be publicized, ”said Sam. Those who have seen this comment say that Samantha makes such comments as soon as she is damaged by lies in her life. Samantha’s comment goes viral on social media.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

When it comes to movies .. the two Pan India movies that Samantha is doing are getting ready for release. The first thriller ‘Yashoda’ will be released on August 12. ‘Shakuntalam’ is being formed under the direction of another Pan India movie Guna Shekhar. The movie also celebrates post-production milestones. Samantha, on the other hand, is getting ready to make an international movie called ‘Arrangement of Love’ directed by John Phillip.