samantha: Samantha Ruth Prabhu: Was that hero the reason for Samantha’s sensational decision? – rana daggubati behind samantha in arrangement of love


  • Samantha is the hero behind the sensational decision
  • Samantha International Film Arrangement of Love
  • Philip John Director Philip John

Samantha’s sensational decision means that everyone wonders why she broke up with Nagachaitanya. There is no doubt about it. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. They are not saying. What Mari Samantha wanted to break up was a sensational decision. However, the sensational decision she makes here has nothing to do with the sensational decision she makes in her personal life. Here we are going to talk about the decisions she makes as a professional. The selection of Samantha films is so fast that it shows its diversity. Announcing movies in a way that no one expected will surprise everyone. It is learned that she has recently announced an international film titled ‘Arrangement of Love’. The film unit, however, did not mention Samantha .. in which she plays an unexpected role. The same by sexual roll. A star heroine can’t help but appreciate her for playing such a role.

‘Philosophy of Love’ is directed by John Phillip. Sunita Tati is building on the banner of Guru Films. However, Rana Daggubati suggested Samantha’s name as the makers were thinking of casting Everny in a bi-sexual role as a partisan. Makers approached Samantha when Rana told her she would do justice though. Samantha heard the story and immediately said ok to dance. It is rumored that Rana Daggubati is the hero behind Samantha’s decision to make an international film in her career.

Currently, Pushpa is stepping in for a special song in the movie The Rise with Samantha Allu Arjun. The song will be filmed for four and a half days. This was followed by three films in Samantha Kitty. One of them is the international movie ‘Arrangement of Love’. In addition, two bilingual (Telugu, Tamil) films will be made. It is good that these two bilingual films are being made by debut directors. One film is being produced by SR Prakash and SR Prabhu at Dream Warrior Pictures. Another film is being produced by Shivalenka Krishna Prasad under the banner of Sridevi Movies. One of the three movies is going to hit the sets soon. Samantha is currently very focused on physical fitness. Talk is heard that she is going to make an entry in Bollywood soon.

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