Samantha: Sam made a fuss by saying birthday wishes to the dog .. trolling started ..!

As Naga Chaitanya’s birthday is on November 23 (yesterday), Akkineni fans have been saying big wishes to Chaitanya on social media. Even some celebrities from Tollywood wished Chaitanya a happy birthday. However, Samantha Wishes, Chaitanya’s ex-wife, did not say. Yet it can be matched that she is personal. But one of Mandela Samantha’s posts today became a big hot topic for Chaitanya fans.

The thing is, Samantha posted a post on her Instagram today wishing her pet dog ‘Hash’ a happy birthday. ‘How could you, who give so much importance to the pet dog, forget Naga Chaitanya who said he was a friend before he got divorced?’ Some people are expressing their opinion that looking at the whole Samantha post, it is clear that there is a lot of resentment against Chaitanya.

Due to this, everyone got an idea with this post that the quarrel over divorce was not even an affair. On October 2, Chaitanya and Samantha announced their divorce. Although there has been a lot of news on this subject before, the Chaisams did not immediately clarify it.

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