Sagar Chandra, Pawan Kalyan: Sagar K Chandra who seems to have done that balance!

It is learned that Sagar K Chandra Ayyappan, who was known as a talented director with one-on-one films at the time, also got the opportunity to work for the cohesive remake Bhimla Nayak. The posters and videos already released from the film have received a positive response from the audience, proving that Sagar K Chandra is a talented director. Trivikram Srinivas provided the narration and dialogues for the film and the film is doing business at a record level.

The film opens as a remake of the Malayalam blockbuster hit Ayyappanum Koshiyam. Sagar K Chandra said in an interview that he did not know that Pawan was acting when the chance to direct the film came up and he was very happy as soon as the project was okay. Sagar said that Pawan and Rana did a balancing act to suit the stardom.

The director said that Pawan has maintained that balance as he is more than a star hero in the Telugu states. Sagar K Chandra said that it took him two days to get together with Pawan and that he thinks Rana is a person with a cold nature like a cucumber. It remains to be seen what kind of records the film will create, which will be released on January 12th.

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