RRR Soul Anthem Janani: Blended with action and emotion perfectly

RRR Soul Anthem Janani: Blended with action and emotion perfectly
RRR Soul Anthem Janani: Blended with action and emotion perfectly

Today evening the makers of RRR release the soul anthem Janani. Besides composing the soulful melody, MM Keeravani has also crooned this song and he also penned the lyrics. The visuals of the lyrical song are high on emotions and invoke patriotism.

The song Janani opens with a heart-whelming note by MM Keeravani– “’RRR’ throbs with many pulse-pounding moments. Underlying all those spectacular sequences is one consuming emotion that elevates them. Giving the musical form to the beat of that very heart was one of the most fulfilling experiences ”The soul song also gives us a glimpse of the sacrifices of the heroes of RRR.

The music lovers are sharing their review on RRR song Janani on Youtube and these are:

Sudha Bahavni: Really wonderful patriotic feeling song, a big salute to all our freedom fighters who gave their lives for the nation

Bhasckar Rao: This will be the best song of the year in all versions. No doubt a national level song. If a song caries this much of emotions, just imagine how would be the movie. Oh world! RRR coming to make u proud

Rajeev Prakash: I can’t stop my tears at 1:37 & 2:14 what I say about this scene full of emotion since I don’t know telgu or any other South Indian language but listening this Janni song in different language is really full of emotion and can’t express it in a word how this song touching my heart really full of emotion

Anjan: his song is incredible and goosebumps

Sunil: U don’t have to shout out slogans loud to be a patriot .. with almost silence it’s possible to evoke all the highest feelings of human existence. Who can do it better than MR KEERAVAANI… take a bow sir… .. Hats off to the whole team

Charan Teja: This song shows the love for the land our ancestors had, the courageous fight and millions of sacrifices for an Independent India !! Our Mother India. My chest fills with pride when I say, “JAI HIND”. Salute to all those who went down fighting for Bharat!

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