RRR out of Oscar race.. ‘Chello Show’ entry from India officially

Everyone knows the talk about RRR movie all over the world. Hollywood directors, critics, and audience all also praised RRR movie. RRR praised the movie and director Rajamouli. The international press praised the performance of NTR and Ram Charan. Variety magazine, however, said that he will definitely be in the Oscar race.

So Oscar hopes increased on RRR’s film. Everyone was happy that the names of Ram Charan and NTR will be in the best actor category and our people are in the race. But all these hopes were dashed. Actually we did not send this movie to Oscar nominations. RRR’s movie was left aside in this filter.

RRR fans are seriously hurt by this. Comments are being made about the movie Cello Show. It is said to be a remake of the movie Paradizo, which came out in Italian, and this movie is about a small boy who grows up in a slum… and falls in love with a movie. Will such a movie be sent to the Oscar race? They are angry with the selection committee.

But it seems that RRR’s Oscar hopes have evaporated. And now the comparisons to Cello Show and RRR have started on the net. Everyone is seeing the political aspect in this. Since it is a Gujarati film, links are being made with BJP. All in all, RRR’s movie seems to have dropped out of the Oscar race.

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