RRR and Pushpa: RRR and Pushpa on the same route .. What is the reason for both to fall back? – rrr and pushpa canceled their bigg events in dubai


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Most Awaited Pan India Movie RRR Everyone is eagerly waiting for. On the other hand, Pushpa is another big movie that is getting ready for release in the Pan India Range from Tollywood. The reason for the huge expectations in the case of RRR .. The film is being directed by Rajamouli after Bahubali. Bollywood stars like Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt and Hollywood stars are all seen as star heroes like Taraq and Charan. From the beginning, Rajamouli has been raising hype on the RRR movie according to a plan. On the other hand, Allu Arjun is making his first foray into the Pan India range and has been working tirelessly to connect the film to the audience. Before these two films Floral The Rise is set to hit theaters on December 17. RRR will be released on January 7. The makers of these two films planned to further raise these expectations, especially to connect with an overseas audience.

As part of their plans, RRR and Pushpa plan to hold theatrical trailers of both films in Dubai. Something happened at a time when everything seemed to be going well but the makers of the two films stepped back thinking that the promotional plans for the films should not be made in Dubai. However, they are looking to do even more promotions for their films. Rajamouli has already told RRR heroes NTR and Ram Charan to spend the entire month of December on promotions. That is why Charan has not allotted dates in December from the Shankar movie he is doing now. NTR, however, is all set to launch Koratala Shiva in February next year. Bunny and Sukku plan to complete the rest of the song by the end of this month and devote the rest of December 17 to promotions only.

RRR Movie is an elastic fictional period movie set in the 1920s backdrop. In this, Ramcharan is going to appear in the role of Alluri, Alluri, while NTR is going to appear in the role of Komuram Bheem. This movie is about what it would be like if two fighters who had never been seen in history met and fought against the British. When it comes to floral film .. it is made up of two parts. The first part is Pushpa the Rise. Red Sandalwood Smuggling in the Remnant Forests.

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