RIP Krishnam Raju: Krishnam Raju’s services will never be forgotten: Pawan Kalyan

Senior actor, producer and rebel star Krishnam Raju passed away at AIG Hospital in Hyderabad on Sunday morning. The news that Krishna Raju is no more is shocking to Telugu cinema (Tollywood). All political and film celebrities are expressing their condolences on his death. In this sequence, hero, Janasena party leader Pawan Kalyan (Pawan Kalyan) expressed his condolences. Pawan remembers his bond with his family.

“Sri Krishnamraju is an actor who has a unique style of his own in the Telugu film industry. As much as he was flattering in characters with raudra rasa, he was equally convincing in characters with karuna rasam. The news that Krishnamrajugaru, who was admired by everyone as an actor, producer and political leader, has breathed his last has caused a shock. Knowing that he was ill recently, I thought he would recover. I am praying to Lord Krishna to rest his soul in peace.

Krishnamraj has friendly relations with our family. In 1978, brother Chiranjeevi acted with Krishna Rajugari in the film ‘Mana Vuri Pandavulu’. Being Mogalthur villagers, they were very affectionate. Krishnamraj’s performance in ‘Bhakta Kannappa’ is special. In it, the scenes showing devotion to Shiva have been bloodied. Films like Bobbili Brahmana, Amardeepam, Tandra Paparayudu, Mohammad Bin Tughlaq and Palnati Paurusham showed his style of acting. He was very sober in public life. Served as Union Minister. He was active in Prajaraj and stood in the ring for the party. The services rendered by them in film life and public life with great responsibility are unforgettable. On my behalf and on behalf of the Janasena, I offer my deepest condolences to the family of Krishna Rajugari,” said Pawan Kalyan.

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