RC15: Interesting update about Charan-Shankar movie ..!

It is known that a Pan India movie is being made under the direction of Shankar with mega power star Ram Charan as the hero. Producer Dil Raju has so far announced that he is ambitiously producing the film with a huge budget. This is the 50th film under the banner of ‘Sri Venkateswara Creations’. The first schedule for the film has also been completed recently. It turns out that the schedule is only 7 minutes long in the movie.

After spending a whopping Rs 67 crore for it alone. The sector is also preparing for the second schedule. A set of Vesarata with a budget of Rs 45 crore for it. The schedule will feature romantic scenes between Rancharan heroine Kiara Advani. It seems that there is a possibility of filming a song as well. In total, these two schedules will cost up to Rs 112 crore. Another Rs 1.73 crore was spent on the film launch event.

Including that, it will cost up to Rs 113.73 crore. If two schedules cost so much, it will cost more by the time the movie is completed ..! Moreover, the film is not a sci-fi movie like ‘Robo’ (Series) unless it is made with a social element.

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