Ravi remuneration: Anchor Ravi who earned more than Prize Money

Bigg Boss Season 5 is nearing completion. However, in the 12th week, it comes as a surprise that anchor Ravi was eliminated unexpectedly. A lot of doubts are coming up as to what is sending Ravi that there are no contestants who are on a lower level than him. Did Kajal Sanni get more votes than Ravi? The comments are also going viral on social media.

However even though anchor Ravi did not stand out as the Bigg Boss winner he seems to have made good profits in terms of rewards. Anchor Ravi, who lasted for 12 weeks, was reportedly paid Rs 7 lakh to Rs 8 lakh a week by Bigg Boss. In total, he seems to have earned up to Rs 90 lakh in 12 weeks.

The winner will be given up to Rs 50 lakh. It is learned that Anchor Ravi has been rewarded more than anyone else in Bigg Boss Season Five. However, everyone thought that Ravi would definitely be in the top five. Also, many people are of the opinion that he will give a tough fight till the final. But it is no surprise that even those who are less than him at 12 weeks are sent into the safe zone and Ravi is sent out.

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