Rashmika Mandanna remembers the bitter experiences she faced in her childhood

Rashmika Mandanna, who acted in the movie ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ with Allu Arjun, suddenly became a Pan India range heroine after the movie became a blockbuster hit. The Bollywood movie ‘Good Bye’ in which she acted has already been released. Similarly, the shooting of ‘Pushpa- The Rule’ movie (Pushpa) has also started recently. She is also acting in the movie ‘Warisu’ opposite Tamil hero Vijay. Overall, Rashmika is in the forefront of the heroines who are currently busy with a handful of films.

Companies are also competing to promote their products with Rashmika, who has also increased her remuneration hugely after the Pushpa movie. This sale is also earning heavily through ads. It is known that recently there were IT raids on her house and father’s office. Rashmika, who is now earning Rs.crores, faced many bitter financial experiences in her childhood. He revealed this in an interview.

When Rashmika was a child, her family lived in a rented house. Rashmika was teary-eyed saying that she had to move house several times due to financial difficulties and could not pay the rent. She complained that her parents could not even buy her a toy to play with. Now she is helping her father financially in business while earning double. In the past, there were reports that a big house was also given as a gift to the parents.

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