Ranveer dances as ‘Nagraj’ on Mouni Roy’s bean, says Ekta – no need for serpents after this

Ever since Ekta Kapoor announced the next part of her ‘Naagin’ franchise i.e. ‘Naagin 6’, the fans have been excited. Ekta Kapoor also gave a hint in ‘Bigg Boss 15’ about the name of the lead heroine of ‘Naagin 6’. Also said that the search is on for the second serpent. Ekta recently reached Ranveer Singh’s reality show ‘The Big Picture’. Actress Mouni Roy was also with him. Ekta started her ‘Naagin’ franchise along with Mouni. Mouni was his first serpent. Seeing Ekta Kapoor, Ranveer Singh remembered the show ‘Naagin’ and he said, ‘Madam aayi hai to Nagraj’s audition hi hi deta hoon’. After this Ranveer is dressed as a snake. As soon as Ekta speaks of the action, Mouni Roy starts playing the bean and the song ‘Main Teri Dushman’ starts playing together. Ranveer completely gets into Nagraj mode. He takes waves like a snake and dances lying down on the stage in such a way that Ekta Kapoor gets helpless with laughter. Ranveer Singh is seen trying his best to get Ekta to sign him in the role of Nagraj. Seeing Ranveer’s dance, Ekta says, ‘After this there is no need for serpents. Would have worked with Nagraj. This episode of ‘The Big Picture’ will be telecasted this weekend. In this episode, Ekta told that she has a crush on Ranveer Singh. Hearing this, Ranveer also expressed his unity and then danced together.

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