Rajinikanth: Talaiwa is drooling at the sight of his grandson

It is known that Tamil superstar Rajinikanth’s youngest daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth recently gave birth to a baby boy. She shared the photo saying that her son has been named ‘Veer Rajinikanth Vanangamudi’. Recently another beauty has posted another photo on social media. Soundarya is sitting on the sofa with a garland around her neck and a child in her hand. Standing behind the sofa, Rajinikanth is looking at his daughter and grandson in her arms. Currently this photo is going viral.

Soundarya Rajinikanth married businessman Ashwin Kumar in 2010. Both of them have a son Babu Ved Krishna. After that they both got divorced due to some reasons. Soundarya got married for the second time to Vishagan Vanangamudi in 2019. Recently she gave birth to her second child.

Soundarya Rajinikanth has earned a special recognition for herself in the Kollywood industry as a director. She first started her career as a graphic designer and later became a director. He directed the animated film Kochayadan with his father Rajinikanth. VIP-2 movie was made with hero Dhanush. Ponniyan Selvan worked as a creative director for the movie. Soundarya Rajinikanth is yet to get success as a director.

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