Rajamouli: Rajamouli thought of giving money.. Sensational comments of senior actress Kanchana

Rajamouli: Rajamouli thought of giving money.. Sensational comments of senior actress Kanchana
Legendary director Rajamouli gained global recognition with the film RRR. The Natu Natu song from this film also won an Oscar award recently. He is currently gearing up for his next film with superstar Mahesh Babu. For this they are consulting with Hollywood experts. Meanwhile, senior actress Kanchana made sensational comments on Rajamouli in a recent interview. Her comments saying that he, who approached her for a character in the movie ‘Bahubali’. So what did she say..

Actress Kanchana revealed that Rajamouli approached her for a character in Baahubali. But they said that they thought a lot about giving money. Is it money that he doesn’t have? She also asked on this occasion. They commented that if we give to people like them, we will do a lot of services, we don’t know why they are suffering. The senior actress said that she is also saying this because the media asked. But later he also remained silent. He recalled that he was asked to be the heroine for the hero’s old character in the movie Baahubali. On this occasion, he suggested that he is not criticizing anything, but should understand the situation of old artists. But Rajamouli faced a similar situation in the past with the late actress Sridevi. Jakkanna revealed in an interview that she demanded more remuneration for Baahubali.. Later Sridevi denied it.
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As far as actress Kanchana is concerned.. She appeared as a beautiful star and acted with all the top heroes of that time. But after a gap of many years, she appeared in the role of a grandmother in the film ‘Arjun Reddy’, which was a combination of Vijay Devarakonda and Sandeep Reddy. After that, Kanchana gave several interviews and shared her generation’s passions.

Meanwhile, Rajamouli and his team, who participated in the ‘Oscar’ awards ceremony held in Los Angeles, returned to India recently. He is currently focusing on SSMB29 project.. He is planning to shoot this movie in Hollywood range. While this prestigious movie is likely to go on the sets after June.

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