Rajamouli: Rajamouli, Charan not in touch with anyone: RRR producer Danaiah

Rajamouli: Rajamouli, Charan not in touch with anyone: RRR producer Danaiah
RRR is a film made with huge budget, star casting and overcoming pandemic hard situations. Legendary director Rajamouli’s hard work has now got its biggest reward in the form of an Oscar. The whole of India is proud that the song ‘Naatu Naatu’ (Naatu Naatu) from this film has won an Oscar. Rajamouli and team are currently enjoying these amazing moments. She is busy giving interviews in Los Angeles. But DVV Danayya, who is the producer of RRR, is missing in this celebration. Danayya was nowhere to be seen in the rush going on for Oscars promotions for the last three months.

In fact Rajamoula acted as ‘Karta, Karma, Kriya’ even though he was the producer of RRR film. To this extent, MM Keeravani, Chandra Bose, NTR, Charan and the rest of the RRR staff should be praised for bringing the Oscar Award to India for the first time. But many people have forgotten that this film was produced by DVV Danayya. But recently he gave an interview to a TV channel because the movie RRR won an Oscar and revealed some shocking things.
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Director Rajamouli.. Danayya has not been seen since the campaign started in the US regarding the Oscar nominations. At the same time, Shobhu Yarlagadda, one of the producers of Baahubali, is with the RRR team. In this sequence, Danayya was contacted to celebrate his recent Oscar win. But Danaiah gave a shocking answer to the question of what he said to Rajamouli, Tarak and Charan after the Oscar award announcement.

‘Actually I am not in touch with anyone in the RRR team including Rajamouli and Ram Charan. But I am happy to get an Oscar for a song in a film produced by me. I will do more good films in the coming days,’ Danaiah revealed simply. But even after winning such a big award, the netizens are expressing doubts as to why the film’s producer Danayya is staying away from the RRR team. If producer Danayya doesn’t want to spend money on Oscar campaign? Is that why he was distanced? Rumors are also coming out.

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