Rahul Ramakrishna: Devi Nagavalli Vs Vishwak Sen .. Rahul Ramakrishna in the middle

The affair between Devi Nagavalli and Vishwak Sen is taking a turn. The affair, which took place at the TV9 studio, has been the subject of heated debate on Netflix. There was a special debate on TV9 on the prank video made by Vishwak Sen for his film. There was a war of words between Vishwak Sen and Devi Nagavalli in this debate. Vishwak Sen was hurt when he personally addressed himself as Depressed Person, Pagal Sen. Vishwak Sen gave a sweet warning to Devi Nagavalli that you should stay within the boundaries and words should not come carefully.

With this Devi Nagavalli seems to be ego hurt. Started shouting Get Out from My Studio. Vishwak Sen yelled at him and used the word F. With this, Vishwak Sen seemed to get it wrong. However, there is widespread criticism that Vishwak Sen was called to the studio and mistreated as a guest. There is also serious opposition from netizens.

It is in this context that Vishwak Sen is getting tremendous support. Recently comedian Rahul Ramakrishna responded. TV9 and Devi Nagavalli merged. I also want to be a part of this circus feat that is happening now .. I condemn the way TV9 insulted Vishwak Sen .. I stand by him .. I do not know what they are doing in the guise of journalists.

Another tweet by Rahul Ramakrishna broke on TV9. TV9 does not care about anything .. no one cares about its immorality .. they do not care about anything because they are well funded .. TV9 is never regular. Rahul satire on TV9 said that the news is being made for profit.

Rahul Ramakrishna’s tweets are getting a huge response from netizens. Everyone is tweeting that what Rahul Ramakrishna said is correct.