Rahul Gandhi T Shirt : What message do you want to give to the country?.. Grilahkshmi Tulsi fire on BJP

Kasthuri Shankar is now close to Telugu people with the role of Tulsi in Gruhalakshmi serial. Once she acted in films like Bhartiyadudu and Annamayya and earned good recognition. Now, as Tulsi on the big screen, Kasturi has earned a place in the hearts of all Telugu people. She is a speaker, lawyer, political analyst and sports analyst. She has unique knowledge in many fields. Social media as a platform responds to many things.

Recently, she got angry on BJP’s tweet, let’s see what happened so far. It is known that Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi is currently on a trip. Rahul Gandhi undertook this trip with the intention of getting in touch with the people and getting to know their problems more deeply. In this background, BJP launched an attack targeting Rahul Gandhi. The price of the T-shirt he wore was criticized. Bharat shared on Twitter that the T-shirt with the caption Dekho is priced at Rs 41,000.

But the Congress has given an equally bold reply to this campaign of the BJP. The Congress has hit back at the criticism that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wears a suit worth Rs.10 lakhs and how many lakhs he spends on breakfast. If a small war is going on like this on Twitter.. Kasturi Shankar responded in her own style.

‘Why are you interested in Rahul Gandhi’s t-shirt? What kind of message do you want to convey here? Is there anything wrong with wearing expensive clothes? There are many such things in BJP.. Why are you looking sideways again.. People are still thinking wisely,’ Kasturi tweeted.

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