Raghu Veera Reddy: Prashanth Neel’s huge donation to Neelakanthapuram.. Former minister Raghuveera Reddy’s video on the good work of his son

KGF director Prashant Neel announced the huge donation. On the occasion of the 75th birth anniversary of his father Subhash Neelakanthapuram, a donation of Rs. 50 lakh donation announced. Former minister and senior Congress leader Raghuveera Reddy announced this through social media. But what is the relationship between Prashanth Neel and Raghavira Reddy? The connection of Prashant Neel with the original Neelakanthapuram village is that.. Prashant Neel is not someone else.. He is the son of Raghuveera Reddy’s brother Subhash Reddy.

Prashanth Neel is a resident of Neelakanthapuram, Madakashira Constituency, Anantapur District. Neelakanthapuram is named after Prashanth Neel. That means.. Prashant Neel’s original name.. Prashanth Neelakanthapuram. Prashanth Neelakanthapuram’s name changed to Prashanth Neel.

Prashant Neel’s father Subhash Reddy Neelakanthapuram passed away recently. He was buried in Neelakanthapuram itself. On the day of the release of ‘KGF 2’, Prashant Neel visited his father’s grave in his hometown. As all his relatives are residents of Neelakanthapuram, Prashant Neel often comes and goes to Neelakanthapuram village.

Another thing here is that Prashant Neel’s father Subhash Reddy was born on the day we got independence. It’s 75th Independence Day.. Prashant Neel announced a donation of Rs. 50 lakhs for the construction of LV Prasad Eye Hospital in his hometown Neelakanthapuram as it was his father’s 75th birthday.

Prashant Neel who changed the script of Kannada industry in Telugu
Prashanth Neel changed the script of Kannada industry with his directorial talent. Once upon a time, a Rs 100 crore film was a big deal in the Kannada industry. But Prashant Neel created a new trend with the movie KGF.. Prashant Neel started a new history. They dusted the box office with the films ‘KGF’ and ‘KGF 2’. ‘KGF 2’ Rs. Collected more than 800 crores.. in Hindi only Rs. 321 crore looted. Now he has started a Pan India film called ‘Salar’ with Prabhas.

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