Raadhika: If you have a man, tell me he is the only one.. Actress Radhika spoke the truth

Director Pradeep Ranganathan who became a star in Tamil with the movie ‘Komali’. He got a blockbuster hit with his first movie. The second movie he directed was ‘Love Today’. He is also the hero of this movie. Ivana is the heroine. Sathyaraj and Radhika Sarathkumar played key roles. This movie released on November 4 in Tamil Nadu and got super hit talk. The youth is extremely impressed. This movie is translated into Telugu and released by famous producer Dil Raju. ‘Love Today’ is a romantic comedy entertainer showing how the ‘phone’ love of today’s generation is.

The audio release program of this movie was held in Hyderabad on Friday night. Heroine Pradeep Ranganathan, Ivana, actress Radhika Sarathkumar, producer Dil Raju, directors Anil Ravipudi, Vamsi Paidipalli and others participated in this program. Speaking on this occasion, Radhika said that ‘Love Lude’ is a unique subject and Telugu audience will appreciate movies with content.

“The first time Pradeep Ranganathan told me this story, I said that this movie will definitely play. Telugu is a different market. Big stars like Chiranjeevi, Prabhas, Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu are here. As Dil Raju is taking this film to such a market… I tried to see it through his eyes. Telugu audience who like Chiranjeevi, Prabhas, Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu will also like Pradeep Ranganathan after this movie. Because content is king. Radhika said that this movie is the king of content.

Radhika said that she has acted with all the heroes for many years. She has worked with many directors. She saw the audience laughing in the theaters for the Tamil movie ‘Indru Poi Nalai Vaa’ with Bhagyaraj. Then again, she saw the audience enjoying it at the theater ‘Love Today’. Revealed. Radhika jokingly said that many people’s lives will have changed after the release of this movie. Because, in this movie, the heroines exchange phones. This starts the real fight. That is what Radhika mentioned.

“If you see them in old movies, they love each other. They say you are my life. But there are two wives in Sobhan Babu and Krishna’s movies. Both worship for the husband. I am lucky to have a husband like you. Now it’s all a lie,” revealed Radhika in her own style. Radhika says that today’s love has changed.. Radhika challenges that if there is really a man here, say love to me. Immediately Anil Ravipudi replied that he was the only one. Radhika punched “Only one.. Two on the side”. Radhika said that if we say that there are people who love one and do not think about the other, it is a lie.

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