Puri Jagannadh: Liger movie disaster.. Puri who vacated the flat there..?

It seems that daring director Puri Jagannadh has once again faced difficulties as the movie Liger, which was released amid many expectations, turned out to be a disaster. Puri, who once became a crazy director with a series of hits in Tollywood. Puri, who got a super hit again with Smart Shankar’s movie, has bounced back in his career. With this movie, he has proved that he has not lost his strength yet. With the same momentum, Vijay Devarakonda made the film Liger at the Pan India level.

There is a discussion in the industry that Puri’s troubles have started again after this movie got a disaster talk at the box office. As most of the film was shot in Mumbai, Puri shifted there. It is known that a 4 BHK flat has been taken for a rent of Rs.10 lakh in Mumbai. It is reported that a total of Rs.15 lakhs is being paid including maintenance expenses. If the Liger movie is a hit, more Bollywood offers will come. That’s why they planned to stay there.

It seems that the flat has now been vacated due to the flop of the movie. It is reported that they were vacated because they could not pay the rent of Rs.15 lakhs per month. Made with a budget of around Rs.120 crore, this movie got negative talk right from the first show. Film analysts say that it has collected only around Rs.60 crores. Buyers and distributors are holding their heads due to huge losses. It is known that they are putting pressure on the producers to return their money. It is known that Puri, Charmi and Karan Johar have produced under the banners of Puri Connects and Dharma Productions.

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