Prabhas: This technology is the first time in India.. Prabhas on ‘Adipurush’ trolls

Prabhas: The trolling on social media over the ‘Aadipurush’ teaser, the opposition to the characters in the film, the criticism that the VFX are inferior… Rebel star Prabhas gave a one-word answer to all these. Prabhas clarified that the technology used for this film has not been used by anyone in India till now. They said that this film is being made for the big screen. Announced to be back with bang on content in a few weeks.

Prabhas and director Om Raut are touring to give a clear explanation to the audience and the media regarding the criticism of ‘Adipurush’ teaser. Both of them, who went to Delhi yesterday, arrived in Hyderabad today. ‘Adipurush’ 3D teaser screened for journalists at AMB Cinemas in Gachibowli. The journalists who saw the teaser in 3D applauded the film unit. After seeing it in 3D on the big screen, their opinion changed. The film unit believes that the audience will also change their opinion tomorrow.

On this occasion, Prabhas said, “When I saw it in 3D for the first time, I became a child. I had a great experience. Seeing myself in 3D for the first time, seeing the visuals and animals coming to my face was thrilling. Tomorrow we are showing 3D teaser in 60 theaters for fans. Because they support us. They should see first. We should know what they are feeling. We hope you all like it. This technology is first time in India. Never done anything like this. This is a movie made for the big screen. Especially the 3D. So everyone watch it in theaters. Soon, we will be back with another bang-on content in a few weeks,” he said.

The movie ‘Adipurush’ is being made using a technology called ‘Cutting Edge’ with the help of motion capture. This technology is used in Hollywood action movies. T-Series was brought to India for the first time by the company. And, it remains to be seen whether ‘Adipurush’ will mesmerize the audience on the big screen tomorrow as the film’s unit is saying.

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