Prabhas: That’s not why Om Raut came to Prabhas’s room.. Clarity on the viral video

Prabhas: Many people watch a video in which hero Prabhas seriously calls ‘Adipurush’ director Om Raut to come to his room. The video has gone viral on social media for two days. After the audience’s reaction to the ‘Adipurush’ teaser, Prabhas called Om Raut to come to his room very angrily. Memes have also been created on this. However, Prabhas and director Om Raut have given clarity to the Bollywood media on this viral video. To this extent, senior journalist Ashwani Kumar tweeted.

Ashwani Kumar stated that the fans misunderstood the tone in the video, but Om and Prabhas made it clear that nothing like that happened between them. Om Raut was called to Prabhas’s room only to discuss the promotions of the film, he said. Prabhas discussed with Om Raut in his room to do something special for his fans in South. On the whole, Ashwani Kumar’s tweet brought some clarity on the viral video.

Meanwhile, Prabhas is participating in the Ravana cremation ceremony being held at the Red Fort in Delhi today. He has already left Mumbai for Delhi. On the other hand, Prabhas is holding a press meet in Hyderabad tomorrow (October 6). Director Om Raut is also participating in this press meet. ‘Adipurush’ teaser will be shown in 3D to Telugu film journalists at AMB Cinemas. After watching the 3D teaser, let’s see what kind of questions Telugu film journalists will ask Prabhas and Om Raut.
Adipurush: Watch NTR and know what Ravana looks like.. ‘KGF’ actress fires on Om Raut
Director Om Raut, who won the National Award for the movie ‘Tanaji’, is making ‘Adipurush’. The film is being shot ambitiously with a huge budget, mixing motion capture animation and visual effects. Prabhas as Raghav, Kriti Sanon as Janaki and Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh are acting in this movie which is based on Ramayana. However, many people who have seen Lankesh’s role in the teaser are criticizing that the real Saif is not like Ravana. Everyone criticized him for looking like Allauddin Khilji with his bushy beard, wavy hair and piercing eyes. BJP leaders are also angry that what homework Om Raut has done regarding the role of Ravana. And, let’s see what Om Raut will answer to all these questions in tomorrow’s press meet in Hyderabad.

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