Prabhas: Prabhas saw the first copy of Radheshyam .. but?

Radheshyam movie starring Prabhas, one of the star heroes of Tollywood, will be released in theaters on January 14, 2022. The film stars Pooja Hegde opposite Prabhas and is directed by Jill Fame Radhakrishna Kumar. The makers have stepped up the pace in terms of film promotions as there is not much time for the film to be released. Radheshyam is a class movie starring Prabhas after many years.

Bogatta said that Prabhas along with his close friends had recently seen the first copy of Radheshyam on the screen of Radheshyam movie with the story of reincarnation. Pooja Hegde is also reported to have seen Radheshyam first copy with her family. It seems that Prabhas feels very happy after watching the movie. Information that the 12 minute episode shot at sea will be the highlight of this movie. However, it is known that Prabhas has more following in the mass audience as compared to the class audience.

Prabhas’ close friends seem to have appreciated that Radheshyam movie was very good and brought a good love story to the screen beautifully. According to Prabhas, Radheshyam movie is like a movie that gives a good feel. With a budget of around Rs 300 crore, it remains to be seen how the film will fare at the box office. The film, which starred Prabhas after Saho, did a record amount of business.

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