Prabhas: Prabhas is another Bollywood beauty who has made an entry into ‘Project K’

Prabhas, who became a Pan India star with Bahubali, is now starring in a series of Pan India movies. ‘Project K’ is one of the Pan India Movies he is doing. Producer of Chalasani Ashwinidat. Nag Ashwin is directing the film on Vyjayanti Movies, a leading production house. Nag Ashwin is the director who has captured the attention of the entire film industry by directing a national award winning movie like ‘Mahanati’. Under his direction, the film is shaping up to be a pan-world movie with a huge budget.

Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone plays the heroine in this. It is also known that Bollywood senior superstar, Big B Amitabh Bachchan is playing a pivotal role in the film. Another Bollywood star beauty has joined Deepika Padukone in this movie. She is not someone .. Disha Patani. She reported the matter through her social media account. She shared a photo of the welcome kit sent by the Project K team. In fact, Disha Patani started her career as a heroine with the Telugu film Loafer. Later it was limited to Bollywood. After a long gap, Disha Patani works with the Tollywood banner, Hero. How her character is going to be is something that is raising interest in everyone.

Disha Patani

The film is being shot. Talk circulating in cine circles that an attempt is being made to launch ‘Project K’ as a sci-fi thriller movie. A senior director like Sangeetham Srinivasa Rao is credited with giving the film some unique tips and hints on the script. There is no doubt that darling Prabhas fans are eagerly waiting for this movie.

Pan India films starring Prabhas as the hero after Bahubali Saho and Radhe Shyam did not get the expected results at the box office. This is a matter of great concern to Prabhas fans. With this, they are anxiously waiting for Prabhas’ next films. Prabhas, who has just completed the filming of Adi Purush, is now in the process of completing the shootings of Solar and ‘Project K’.