Prabhas: A special invitation to Prabhas.. A rare honor for ‘Adipurush’

Pan India star Prabhas (Prabhas) received a rare invitation. The members of the Ram Leela Committee have sent an invitation to attend the Ravana Dahanam program on the day of Dussehra at the Ram Leela Maidan in Delhi. They asked Prabhas to attend the Dussehra celebrations as a special guest. It is known that Prabhas has decided to attend the program as per their invitation.

It is known that the movie Adipurush is being made with Prabhas as the hero. It is being made based on the mythological story Ramayanam under the direction of Bollywood director Om Raut. Prabhas is acting as Sri Ram in this movie. Bollywood beauty Kriti Sanon as Sita, Saif Ali Khan as Ravana and Bollywood actor Sunny Singh as Laxman. Aadipurush movie was produced with a budget of around Rs.300 crores. The movie makers are bringing this movie to the audience in five languages. Adipurush seems to have designed brilliantly with dazzling visual effects.

Prabhas created a huge craze at pan India level with Baahubali movie. And with Adipurush playing the role of Sri Ram in the movie, expectations have increased. It is in this background that the committee members invited for the cremation of Ravanasura. Prabhas is currently grieving the death of his great-grandfather Krishnam Raju. The invitation was received before the death of Krishna Raja. Whether he will attend these ceremonies in the present circumstances has become doubtful. Earlier, actors like Ajay Devgan and John Abraham attended the Ravana Dahanam program, but this year Prabhas has been invited and the darling fans are expressing their joy.

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